Thursday, October 20, 2016

Class 1 9-19-16

Giovaine Neita
IMM-02 Introduction to Digital Media
People, Place, and Things


This is a simple drawing I did of a female from the internet. The eyes are a bit inconsistent with the glasses.

This is my representational photo of my friends at a meetup in Indiana. It is my 2nd "people" image.

This is my Abstract "people" image, but it was a bit difficult to pull this one off so I decided to go with a towel origami.


This is an environment drawing I did of a lake in a pond surrounded by trees and a bike trail.

This is my representational image of a walkway in a park that I walk through often.

Again I struggled with pulling off an "Abstract" image, but I took this picture of an overhead shot of Las Vegas


This is a drawing I did a flower than can also be interpreted as fire.

It's a representational picture of a guy dancing on top of a table

This "Abstract" image is a stain glass. It's a bit hard to see but there's a Dove with an olive branch in its mouth which is from the bible.

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