Thursday, October 20, 2016

Before and After

Giovaine Neita
IMM 110-02 Introduction to Digital Media
Before and After
Oct 3rd 2015

With this one all I did was just add a bunch of saturation to get rid of all the darkness. It helps the bricks and the roof in the background stand out with the sharpness of the reds and blues. Also the greens from the grass compliments it well. I added Brightness to make it brighter, and color balance to make the reds, blues, and greens to stand out.

This one is the opposite where I took a brighter picture and made it darker. I messed with brightness, saturation, curves, and photo filter to make the image as shaded as possible. I wanted to go with the theme of a group of friends walking home down their favorite pathway after school during the evening.

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